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House owners want a healthy lawn, without the pricey water bills. It doesn’t take a scientist or agronomist to figure out how much water your lawn needs.

Take advantage of our sprinkler repair services right at your doorstep. Our affordable maintenance schedule will provide an efficient lawn irrigation system and keep your sprinklers in shape!

We are a family business serving all of McKinney and its surrounding areas. By taking advantage of our services, you get to enjoy an exceptional service that will keep your lawn and landscape alive.

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The statement “nothing lasts forever” also applies to mechanical tools like your sprinklers. Below are some signs that your irrigation system might need repairs:

  • Parched grasses – One of the first issues a sprinkler system develops is shooting water to some areas and ignoring others. The minute you notice that your sprinklers are leaving some areas without water, you should get the irrigation system inspected.
  • Problem with pressure – If water shoots too far from the designated area, your sprinklers need a professional touch. You might think extra pressure helps you water correctly, but this is a defect and the final damage is on route.
  • Coughing heads – This kind of problem always has something to do with the internal valves. If the head begins to sputter and cough, you need a sprinkler repair expert to inspect the irrigation system.


Assessment – First, we conduct an in-depth irrigation system assessment. Ideally, a technician should perform this process once a year to make sure your sprinklers are working effectively.

Repairs or adjustments – After performing this audit, we will give you an in-depth description of the problem and recommend some adjustments or possible repairs that need to be done. We have the objective to provide you with the best irrigation system.

Optimization – Now that our technician has carried out the necessary repairs or adjustments on your sprinklers. The next step is to discover more ways your irrigation system can serve you better. This might include upgrading various parts of your sprinkler system like the nozzle, head replacement, or other significant parts.

Maintenance – Your sprinklers should be checked out on an annual basis to make sure they are running smoothly. You can give us a call if you think your irrigation system needs to be inspected before the next maintenance schedule.

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Not all sprinklers are equal. You need to check them regularly to make sure they are in the right shape.

First, inspect the head of your sprinklers before you use them. Make sure they are free of dirt or debris.

You also need to make sure you empty your sprinklers of any extra water. Stagnant water within the sprinklers can result in rusty parts and other significant issues.

Another step to take is to make sure your sprinklers are equipped with a timer, so they do not get overworked.

One more thing you need to do is check for any form of leakage on the hose. You should also keep the hose in a cool and dry place.


Technology changes daily and as the world is taking a turn new gadgets begin to unfold. If you have an old sprinkler system that functions below standard, consider upgrading it. Upgrading your sprinkler doesn’t just give you the peace of mind you need, it also gives your lawn the satisfaction it requires to stay green.

Our technicians are experts when it comes to upgrading sprinklers. They will inspect your old irrigation system and provide you with an affordable price for an upgraded version. To our technicians, this is not just a job. What motivates them is the passion to keep your lawn green and alive.


We are your trusted local partners, we can help you reach your ultimate lawn goals with our expert services.  Reach out to us today and let our licensed irrigation system technicians help you. We are licensed and registered which makes us the best option.

For more inquiries, requests, or complaints reach out to us on (214) 817-3884, a customer service representative will attend your needs immediately.