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Sprinkler Repair in McKinney, TX

McKinney Sprinkler Repair is a specialized business division of irrigation technicians operated by Texas Lawn Sprinklers. We are your expert and reliable source for repairs, maintenance, upgrades, and installations.

Residential & Commercial

As a preferred local company in the McKinney area, we service both residential and commercial properties. Our licensed technicians can handle a multitude of tasks and offer quality irrigation solutions. We have an intricate understanding of how spray sprinkler systems and drip irrigation units operate.


Restore the damaged parts of an irrigation device.


Preserve the adequate functionality of the system.


Include modern technology to reduce water bills.


Add spray sprinklers or drip lines to any landscape.

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McKinney Sprinkler Repair

It does not take a scientist or agronomist to figure out how much water your landscape needs. We know house owners want a healthy lawn, without the pricey water bills. Take advantage of our sprinkler repair services right at your doorstep. We are licensed to perform any irrigation system related service, which makes us the best option.

Our affordable maintenance schedule will provide an efficient irrigation system and keep your lawn in tiptop shape! We are a family business serving all of McKinney, TX, and its surrounding areas. By taking advantage of our trained staff, enjoy an exceptional service that will keep any landscape alive.

We are your trusted local partners. We can help you achieve your ultimate lawn goals with our expert services. Reach out to us today and let our experienced irrigation technicians help you with a sprinkler system installation, upgrade, repair, or general maintenance.

Common Signs of Faulty Sprinklers

The statement “nothing lasts forever” also applies to mechanical tools like sprinklers. Below are some signs that an irrigation system might need repairs:

Parched grasses – One of the first issues a sprinkler system develops is shooting water to some areas and ignoring others. The minute you notice that the sprinklers are leaving some areas without water, get the irrigation system inspected.

Unusual pressure – If water shoots too far from the designated area, the sprinklers need a professional touch. Extra pressure does not help the irrigation system to water the landscape correctly.

Sputtering heads – This kind of problem always has something to do with the internal valves. If the heads begin to sputter and cough, you need a sprinkler repair expert to inspect the irrigation system.

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Irrigation System Repair Process

01. Assessment – First, we conduct an in-depth assessment. Ideally, a McKinney irrigation technician should perform this process once a year to make sure your sprinklers are working effectively.

02. Repairs – After performing this audit, we will give you an in-depth description of the problem and recommend some adjustments or possible repairs that need to be performed.

03. Optimization – Now that our technician has carried out the necessary repairs or adjustments on the sprinklers, the next step is to discover optional methods the irrigation system can serve you better. This might include upgrading various parts of the equipment.

04. Maintenance – Every sprinkler system needs regular upkeep to ensure its optimal performance. A neglected unit will experience unfortunate disrepairs more frequently.

Sprinkler Maintenance Tips

Winterization – To avoid damaging the pipes of the system, sprinkler winterization should be performed a week before the first frost of each year. This will save you from costly repairs.

Spring start-up – Before reactivating the irrigation system in the spring, check the sprinkler heads to make sure they are not blocked. Clear any debris that might cause a disrepair.

Backflow check – If you own an automatic sprinkler system, in some States it is required by law that you test the backflow prevention device annually. This will keep the potable water safe from an accidental contamination, which can cause serious health issues.

Automatic timer – Make sure your sprinklers are equipped with a timer, so they do not get overworked. Not having a timer can ruin your irrigation system and precious landscape.

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Call Our Qualified Technicians

Most individuals lack the proper knowledge to adequately install, modify, or repair an irrigation system. As such, they end up making common mistakes that deteriorate the overall functionality of the unit. Do not let that happen to you. Instead, take advantage of our services.

  • Fix damaged parts to restore the efficiency of the system
  • Protect the irrigation device from freezing temperatures
  • Reactivate the equipment once the growing season begins
  • Automate labor and reduce water bills with upgrades
  • Reroute or cap any existing line of the irrigation unit
  • Install a custom spray sprinkler or drip irrigation device
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Let us design, install, and configure an irrigation system for your aspirational landscape.