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Sprinkler Repair in Frisco, TX

Common Signs of Faulty Sprinklers

Patchy lawn – Excessive water can be one of the biggest problems for those who have their sprinkler systems set up. This can cause a great deal of damage to plants and grass if left unchecked. To ensure that you are watering your plants with the right amount, it is important to look at how much water you are using in relation to the size of your yard. A good rule of thumb is to make sure that you aren’t using more than two inches of water over any given area. If you find that you are using too much water, it may be time to have your system repaired.

High water bill – Problems occur when the pipes are installed on an upward slope or in a location where they’re exposed to freezing temperatures. However, pipes might burst simply because of age. Old pipes can crack or rust and eventually break apart, causing leaks that waste water and lead to sky-high water bills. When you notice a broken pipe, turn off the main water valve that supplies your irrigation system. Then check for any obvious signs of damage that might make the problem clear.

Sputtering heads – There may be an obstruction in the nozzle, such as debris from landscaping work or buildup of minerals from water. The problem might also be with the sprinkler system valves, which may have broken springs or seals. Repairing a sprinkler head is just one of the many different issues you could come across, but it is relatively simple compared to some of the other problems you may encounter.

Irrigation Repair in Frisco

01. Assessment – The first step in performing a sprinkler system assessment is to determine whether or not the system is broken. Sometimes, all that is needed to improve functionality is a simple cleaning. However, a thorough inspection needs to be performed in order to diagnose any underlying issues. For example, if your system is running at random times or for long periods of time, it may be over-watering your plants. This can lead to root rot and other diseases.

02. Repair – Irrigation system repair is extremely tricky, particularly when it comes to controlling the pressure of water. These days, most people prefer to hire professionals who have high-quality equipment and enough knowledge about irrigation for sprinklers. A lot of homeowners that try to perform irrigation repair on their own suffer more damage in the process. That’s why it’s best to leave the job up to a professional service provider in this field.

03. Maintenance – Sprinkler system maintenance is crucial to keeping your sprinklers working properly. Not only can sprinklers be expensive to replace, but if you do not maintain them properly, you could face bigger expenses down the line if your sprinkler system breaks down. The easiest way to keep your sprinklers in good working order is to have them checked and maintained by a professional once a year. This way, any problems you have with your sprinkler system will be caught early on and can be fixed before they cause more damage.

Sprinkler Maintenance Tips

Winterization – Protecting your system from frost and ice build-up requires some fine-tuning to make sure it is ready for a long winter’s nap. Winterizing your irrigation system is the most important thing you can do to keep it from freezing. The first step is to make sure the water supply to your sprinkler system is turned off and drained. Make sure that all valves are turned off, and if possible drain the supply lines, but if you can’t get to them ensure there is no standing water.

Spring start-up – Spring start-up needs to be done in conjunction with fertilization. The fertilizer is applied in the fall and takes time to break down and become available for the plants. By spring, the plants have used up their stores of nutrients and are now dependent on the water that carries the nutrients. This is why it is so important to make sure your irrigation system is working properly when you first turn it on in the spring.

Backflow testing – The irrigation backflow testing performed by our experts is comprehensive, covering every type of irrigation system. We test all the components in your system to ensure that they are working properly and are not contributing to a contamination threat. Irrigation backflow testing is essential for both home and commercial properties, to ensure the safety of water sources and protect the environment. Our backflow testing ensures that there is no cross-contamination between drinking water and irrigation systems.

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