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Sprinkler Repair in Little Elm, TX

Common Signs of Faulty Sprinklers

Patchy lawn – The plants in your lawn need ample water to grow. If your sprinklers or irrigation pipes are faulty, you may end up with dry patches of grass. These patches may be small, covering only a few square feet or large, covering an entire lawn. This is unacceptable, not only does it look bad, but it’s also a sign that your lawn could be at risk for various diseases.

High water bill – If your water bill is abnormally high, there are a few things you can check to see if your meter is malfunctioning. If you have an older meter, it may not be registering an accurate amount of water usage. Call the city and request that they send someone out to check for problems with the meter. If you have recently moved into a new house, there may be a leak in an irrigation line that has yet to be discovered.

Sputtering heads – When you have an issue with a sprinkler head, there are a few things that could be causing it. The first thing that you should check is to see if any debris have built up on the outside of the head. There should not be anything obstructing its path as this will prevent it from properly delivering water to your plants. If you notice some debris or if you’re having issues with just one head, try cleaning off any dirt with a simple brush.

Irrigation Repair in Little Elm

01. Assessment – An irrigation system assessment is a process that identifies the problems and issues with your current system. When you hire an irrigation service provider for an inspection, they will first try to determine the age of your system. This will help them determine how much wear-and-tear it has sustained over time and whether it needs repairs or replacements. Your provider may also examine your layout plan, which will give them insight into your system.

02. Repair – An irrigation system repair is often necessary to fix the broken or damaged parts of an irrigation system. Many people think that the maintenance and repair of their irrigation systems is a task that can be done at home, but most cases require professional assistance to ensure the safety of you, your family and pets. The irrigation system repair or irrigation system maintenance should be done by a professional.

03. Maintenance – An irrigation system is a network of pipes and sprinklers that can water your lawn or garden automatically. Hence, a well-maintained irrigation system will reduce water waste and prevent the need for manual watering. It will also reduce the risk of clogs, which can be difficult to clear in the midst of an intense summer heatwave. For these reasons, it’s important to perform regular maintenance on your irrigation system.

Sprinkler Maintenance Tips

Winterization – An irrigation system winterization is an essential part of protecting your investment from the freezing temperatures that occur during the winter months. The main parts of the system that need to be winterized are the pipes, sprinkler heads, valves, and the control box. Many people choose to leave their sprinkler system active during the winter months. However, it is a good idea to disable your sprinkler system so that water does not freeze and expand.

Spring start-up – Spring is the best time to start your irrigation system. The soil is warming, the grass and plants are growing, the days are getting longer, and the lawn care season is finally upon us. And while a lot of people might be hesitant to turn on their irrigation systems because they fear it will harm their landscape, the fact is that starting your system at the right time can actually help your landscape thrive this season.

Backflow testing – Irrigation backflow testing is the process of testing your irrigation system to ensure it is not contaminated with harmful bacteria or chemical contaminants. This is critical because your entire home could be at risk if there were contaminants in your water. Troubleshooting for irrigation backflow leaks is a very specialized service that must be performed by a professional company who has experience troubleshooting and repairing irrigation systems. The irrigation company must have all the equipment necessary to test your system and fix any problems that may arise.

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