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McKinney Sprinkler Repair is a specialized business division of irrigation technicians operated by Texas Lawn Sprinklers. We are your expert and reliable source for repairs, upgrades, and maintenance.

Every spring, thousands of individuals in McKinney, TX, turn on their automatic sprinkler systems. The typical homeowner presumes that the irrigation system will always function flawlessly as designed. Thus, they do little else to ensure if the system is working properly.

But like any other piece of equipment, some sprinkler service is necessary. You need a solid maintenance plan for your sprinkler system during the warm weather months to keep it operating at its optimum level.

Enlisting the services of a professional to perform maintenance for your irrigation system in McKinney, TX, will offer you convenience and peace of mind. Ideally, regular maintenance should be performed once every year, with a checkup being done on a monthly basis.

Regular service and tune-ups will ensure your sprinkler system works efficiently and properly year after year, thus protecting both your investment and landscape.

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Failure to perform regular maintenance could result in myriads of minor issues and could potentially damage your system permanently. A poorly maintained sprinkler system will waste water and be a detriment to the upkeep of your lawn.

The initial signs of a poorly maintained system are damaged, clogged, or misaligned heads that lead to inadequate water pressure. Besides that, the spray patterns will not be uniform and can create swampy, overwatered spots, and areas where water will be applied unevenly or inadequately.

Additionally, much of the water will never reach the intended zones and would be lost to runoff or evaporation. Eventually, all these issues will result in wastage of natural resources and high water bills.

In the long run, failing to maintain and tune-up your irrigation system regularly can result in leaking valves, broken or missing heads, clogged nozzles, seal leaks, sunken or titled heads, broken pipes, and much more. These major issues might necessitate a total overhaul of the system.


Maintaining your sprinkler or drip irrigation system means checking and identifying problems quickly so they can be addressed before they turn into costly repairs.

The maintenance process of the sprinkler system begins with an audit that should be conducted annually. The objective of this audit is to correct inefficiencies and maximize the general effectiveness of the system. Once the problem is located, maintenance is scheduled.

The services of the maintenance schedule might include:

  • Inspecting wires on the controller and valves
  • Updating controller settings, times, and dates
  • Replacing back up batteries if needed
  • Cleaning nozzles
  • Straightening sprinkler heads
  • Cleaning filters on reclaimed and well water systems
  • Inspecting for leaks, broken pipes, and any areas that may cause high water bills
  • Checking backflow device
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Come springtime, when Mother Nature cannot hold up her end of the bargain, it is time to open the sprinkler system with a spring startup.  Before starting the system, it is very important to conduct a visual inspection to check that each head opens properly. During spring, grass has a tendency of growing on top of sprinkler heads, thus preventing them from opening.

After confirming all points are in good condition, it is time to start your sprinkler system. First, you must know where its main shutoff valve is located. Plug in and adjust its control panel accordingly.

Remember that you should turn on the water slowly and let the system pressurize gradually. If the water is turned on too quickly, it could create a huge water hammer, which is a shock wave that can burst fittings or pop off sprinkler heads.


Freezing temperatures present a major threat to your irrigation system. The pipes and other components are at risk of freezing and breaking when temperatures drop below 35 degrees Fahrenheit in McKinney, TX.

During winter, water that remains in the irrigation system could freeze up and cause the pipes, valves, or sprinklers to crack. Damage caused during winter to an underground system could be a nightmare as it may require a large portion of your yard to be dug out to locate the problem.

Hence, your system needs to have all the water blown out before winter. Most homeowners usually enlist the services of a professional to winterize their system because of the need for special equipment.

We recommended that you winterize the system in mid-October. This will save you costly repairs during springtime.