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Sprinkler Repair in The Colony, TX

Common Signs of Faulty Sprinklers

Patchy lawn – Over watering can cause excess water to run off the surface, allowing nutrients and oxygen to escape from the root zone. This leads to root rot and the death of grass plants. Meanwhile, under watered lawns do not get enough liquid to reach the root zone. Nutrients are not able to reach the plant fast enough, causing nutrient deficiency symptoms such as yellowing leaves and leaf drop. Under watering also leads to compacted soil which reduces oxygen levels in soil.

High water bill – Water leaks and broken pipes are the most common causes for high water bills. As a general rule, if you receive a water bill that is more than twice what it was the previous month, there is probably a leak. Check all the irrigation pipes of your system. If you find a small pond on the lawn, it may be a slow leak that can cause an increase in your water bill.

Sputtering heads – The first thing to do if a sprinkler head is sputtering is to check the flow to that head. Water needs to be able to get from the irrigation system through the head and out the holes in the top of the spray pattern. If water flow is low, check for debris on or around the bottom of the head. Sometimes debris, such as dirt and rocks, can build up in this area and prevent water from flowing out of the head in a normal manner.

Irrigation Repair in The Colony

01. Assessment – An irrigation system assessment is a professional examination of your irrigation system to detect leaks and other problems. Inspectors use a variety of tools, such as pressure gauges, to check for areas of low or high pressure in the system. When water levels drop, or if you notice any leaks in the system, an irrigation system assessment can help you determine whether it’s time for repairs or a new system installation.

02. Repair – It is a good investment to repair your irrigation system, because broken parts will only get worse as time goes by. If you have leaks in your sprinkler heads and pipes, it is highly recommended that you fix these problems before they become more expensive to repair. It may seem like an easy job for a professional contractor to fix irrigation system parts, but there are other problems that may arise due to improper upkeep.

03. Maintenance – An irrigation system is crucial for keeping your lawn, landscaping and gardens healthy, green and growing. It is important to keep the irrigation system in proper working order for it to perform at its maximum level. A well-maintained irrigation system will conserve water, saving you money on your water bill. It will also be more efficient in terms of time, delivering just the right amount of water to each area of your landscape as needed.

Sprinkler Maintenance Tips

Winterization – The winter can be the most difficult season for irrigation systems because they are prone to freeze and burst without proper protection. Therefore, it is essential that you winterize your irrigation system to prevent damage in the event of a freeze. Winterizing your irrigation system is a must, especially if you live in colder climates. If you don’t winterize your irrigation system, you’re likely to have problems with it as the weather gets colder.

Spring start-up – The best time to start-up a sprinkler system is when the ground is still frozen but the air has warmed up enough to melt snow and ice from the grass. That’s usually sometime in March or April, depending on where you live. The first step in a successful spring start-up is to determine the system condition. Is your sprinkler system in good working condition, or do you need to replace any broken sprinkler heads, valves, or pipes?

Backflow testing – If you have an irrigation system on your property, it is critical that you test your backflow protection device on a regular basis. Backflow prevention devices are designed to prevent contaminants from entering the potable water supply system. This is accomplished by maintaining the integrity of your backflow prevention assembly. You may be required to test at least once every twelve months and this should be documented by the technician performing the test.

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