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Sprinkler Repair in Wylie, TX

Common Signs of Faulty Sprinklers

Patchy lawn – It’s not a pretty sight. Your lawn is patchy, with dry spots and maybe even some dead patches. Because the roots of grass are shallow, the roots can only absorb water when it is close to the surface. If the sprinkler system has been installed incorrectly, this can lead to a patchy lawn where some parts receive too much water and other parts receive too little. This can be fixed by repairing or repositioning the irrigation system.

High water bill – If you notice a steady increase in your water bill month after month, then it’s time to investigate further. Take a walk around the outside of your house looking for any leaking irrigation pipes or other signs of problems. If you find any evidence that something is wrong with your irrigation pipes, then call a professional to take care of the problem.

Sputtering heads – Sputtering sprinkler heads can be one of the most frustrating problems during a drought. The last thing you want to see when watering your plants is for the sprinkler head to be spraying water in an erratic fashion. It can be quite a sight, especially when there are perfectly good jets of water coming from the rest of the sprinklers on your property. The best way to fix this is with a good old-fashioned cleaning with water. Rinse out the head, and you should be back up and running.

Irrigation Repair in Wylie

01. Assessment – The purpose of an irrigation system assessment is to determine the condition of your irrigation system and make repairs or replacements as necessary. An assessment can be conducted by a professional who will visit your home or business property and inspect your irrigation system. They will then note any issues with the system in a report that you can use when requesting repairs or replacements.

02. Repair – Irrigation system repair is necessary if the timers don’t work correctly, if the sensor doesn’t detect water, or if there are leaks in the pipes of your irrigation system. Repairing an irrigation system generally requires a professional who has experience repairing these types of machines. The professional will need to diagnose the problem with your irrigation system before making repairs. Once they have identified the problem, they will make any necessary repairs and test it to ensure it works properly before leaving your property.

03. Maintenance – It’s very important to perform irrigation system maintenance because if you don’t do it, it can cause leaks and other problems with your system. This is why there are different companies that offer irrigation system services in order to maintain your water lines in good shape. Irrigation systems are complex pieces of equipment and you may need someone who has experience in order to maintain them properly.

Sprinkler Maintenance Tips

Winterization – Basically, this is the process of protecting your irrigation system from the freezing cold weather. You will have to make sure that the water supply lines and other parts of the system are properly insulated so they remain functional during the winter season. An irrigation system winterization is a procedure that has to be completed before the cold weather sets in. Once the temperatures start plummeting, it’s not easy to take care of your system.

Spring start-up – Our lawn needs that first soaking of water to get things growing this spring. Turn on your irrigation system as soon as you can after the ground has thawed out, preferably before your grass has started growing again, but definitely before any seeds you have planted have germinated. To start your irrigation system, make sure your timer is set for the proper time of day and make sure all sprinklers are in good working order.

Backflow testing – Irrigation backflow testing is an important part of protecting the quality of a community’s drinking water. It ensures that your irrigation system does not allow surface water to enter the public water supply through backflow. This process involves filling and pressurizing the piping system with water, which then forces all air out of the system. The test verifies that the valves allow for adequate drainage during and after the fill pressure is applied, ensuring that contaminants do not enter the water supply through backflow.

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